Carolina Timberworks, a North Carolina timber frame manufacturer, offers engineering, fabrication, and professional installation of beams and timber trusses in timber frame homes & post and beam homes, across the U.S, Canada, and the Bahamas.  Many of our projects are hybrid timber frames, and we’re good at figuring out how to retrofit timber trusses under conventional 2x framing in new homes or remodeling projects.  One of our passions is working with reclaimed wood beams.  We can design reclaimed wood timber frames that are either structural or decorative.  Structural engineering services for heavy timber construction, by an engineer licensed in all 50 states, is available.

A little about our process:  Most of our projects are architect-designed and typically we work under the General Contractor as the timber frame subcontractor.  We begin by drawing the project in our 3D software so we can create an accurate cost estimate.  It usually takes us about 2 weeks to submit a written proposal for the timberframe.  Our lead times vary depending on how busy our shop is, but they’re often between 8 and 14 weeks.  Using our shop drawings from the 3D model, our timber framers lay out every timber by hand with a pencil.  Each timber is double-checked before being cut.  Then we fit the timber truss or bent together on our shop floor to ensure everything fits correctly.  Once all the pieces fit, we disassemble everything, label each timber, and package the bundles carefully for shipment to the jobsite.

Our own people travel to the the job site and professionally install our work.  The benefit to you is that they’ve worked with your timber frame for weeks in our shop, know each piece, and will install it safely, faster, per the engineer’s specifications, and with considerable attention to detail.  Finally, when we install our work, we’re accountable to you for the product and process, and the work is covered by our warranty.

We are proud members of the Timber Framers Guild, love what we do, and endeavor to do it well.